Menu plays a very important role to categorize things on your website. Considering this traits, Front Links add-on comes into the picture to enhance the visibility of your booking website by adding header and footer menus. Thus, you can now add relevant links to a menu title and make your booking website more informative for your customers.

To get this add-on installed to your store, you need to go through below-given steps:

  • Go to the Add-on section on your Booking Commerce Dashboard.

  • Click the Front Links Add-on.

You can now click the Install button to make the use of this add-on. Once Installed, You need to configure it.


Header Link: Enter a title of the header menu that You want to display on your website header and paste the relevent link for it.

Footer Link: Similarly, to display footer menu, you need to enter a footer menu and paste the link associated with it.

This way, you can configure this add-on and display the header and footer menus on your booking website.

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