How To Add Agents In Booking Commerce?

Adding agents on your booking platform gives an extra support to business to handle customers in your absence. These agents can perform as admin or as agents depending on the actions as designated to them.

With the Multi-User functionality of Booking Commerce, you can easily add users and assign them roles either as agent or admin.

To add users, go through the below steps:

  • On your booking commerce dashboard, click on Users.
  • Enter the E-mail ID of the user whom you want to add and assign the role.

  • Click the Save button and an invitation mail will be sent to the respective user. After that, the user needs to click Create Account which they received in the mail.

  • Next, they will be redirected to the page where the user needs to create an account and log in using the same credentials.

  • The user has been successfully added and the same is reflected in the User section of Admin.

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