How can customers create bookings?

One of the most popular features of booking commerce is the ease by which bookings are created either by customer or admin. It's just a matter of few clicks by which booking is made and is being confirmed by the admin.

As a customer, in order to create the booking, go to the following steps:

  • Go to the booking website where you need to create the booking.

  • Select the booking product for which you want to book the slot.

  • The timezone of the booking product will be shown as defined. Now you need to select the date of booking and time available on that particular day.

  • At last, you have to give your personal information and click Proceed.

  • You will confirmation of booking made on next page.

  • The confirmation mail will also be sent on your mail.

To check how an admin can create bookings from booking commerce dashboard, refer to this link: How can admin create bookings on behalf of the customers?

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