How to Offer Reward Points to Customers?

Building customer loyalty is an important aspect of running an online business. So, if you want to have more customers, offering reward points can be a good idea to to grow your business.

With Reward points add-ons, you can set reward points based on booking or booking products which your customers can redeem while booking slots for the booking products.

To get this add-on installed on your store, you need to follow below-given steps:

Visit the Add-ons menu on the Booking Commerce Dashboard and Click the Install button.

This way, the add-on gets installed to booking commerce. Now, let's proceed to understand how to configure this add-on to make this work for the customers.


Firstly, you need to configure the following details of this add-on from the General Configuration menu of the app:


Set Reward Rule: You can select if you want to offer reward points to the customers based on Booking Price or the Booking Product.

Total Booking Price: Set a Price based on which you want the customer to earn the reward points.

Reward Points: Enter how much points you want to offer your customers as reward.

Day's Validity: Enter the number of days up to which the reward points will be valid for the customers.

Rule's Validity: Set a date range for which your reward point rule will be applicable for the customers.


Set a number of points worth for redemption.


From this section, admin can view the complete reward transaction details of your customers and assign points to your customers as well.

How to Assign Points to Customers?

You as an admin can also assign reward points to your customers from your end. Just follow the below given steps for the same:

Go to the Reward Points Add-on.

Visit the Configuration section and click the Reward Transaction menu.

Now, click the Assign Point button and proceed to add details for your customer.

As soon as You click the Save button, reward points will be assigned to your customers.

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