How to Create Order on behalf of Customers?

It's not necessary that every customer of yours will come online to book their slot. There can be a possibility that customers cannot access your booking page online and will call you to book a slot for them.

In Booking Commerce, you can also create bookings on behalf your customers so to ease booking process for customers and your schedule is properly sorted.You can follow the steps to create an order on customer request:

Visit the Order Section and Click the Create Order button.

Now, You need to fill the complete details related to bookings such as select a slot, timezone, no of guests for your customer and click the Add button to add that slot in the order. Accordingly, you can add multiple bookings to that order.

Next, fill customer's details and click the Book Slot button.

This way, you can create orders on behalf of your customers having multiple bookings in it.


From the same section, You can proceed to Approve bookings. Bookings can be Rescheduled or Cancelled as well on customer's request.

Click the View button and proceed to update booking status. Clicking the View button, You will be straightaway redirected to Booking section of the app from where you can manage bookings one by one.

In order to check how customers can create booking from booking website, refer the link: How can customers create booking?

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